Manor School students shine on GCSE Results Day

Manor School would like to congratulate the Class of 2021on their fabulous results.

The exceptional outcomes achieved today, by individuals and subjects across the school, reflect the robust and rigorous assessments that they completed throughout their course. Despite the last two years being fragmented by school closures and remote learning we are proud of the knowledge and skills that have been demonstrated by these students.

Results achieved by students are a testament to their hard work, dedication and commitment to their studies over their entire five years of study during their time at Manor School.

Chris Hill, CEO of the Nene Education Trust, commented “The progress and achievements of this cohort of students is testament to the investment that Manor School and Nene Education Trust are making at Manor. The students joining the Manor Sixth Form will have an exceptional experience.”

Prospective applicants to the Sixth From can still get in touch by contacting the school by emailing Mr Carter () at any time, or phoning the school on 01933 623921 from Tuesday 1st September onwards.

Manor School Sixth Form students heading for prestigious destinations

Left to right: Daniel Travers (A*AAA), Lucy Kirbyshire (A*AAA), Georgie Reece-Minutolo (A*AA) and Izabel Turiccki (A*A*A*AB).

Manor School students are set to attend some of the most selective academic institutions after achieving outstanding results.

The recent investment in facilities, resources, leadership and curriculum is continuing to pay dividends. Of the awarded grades, 32% of grades were A*/A. All students who applied for a university course have been offered their first-choice destination.

Darren Carter, Assistant Principal, said “In what has been an extraordinarily challenging year, our students have once again shown resilience and aspiration in overcoming the hurdles put in place due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Although students did not have the opportunity to showcase their knowledge and understanding in final examinations, the significant evidence used to determine their grades released today are testament to their hard work and tremendous effort over their seven-year journey in secondary education. We acknowledge the continued support from parents and carers and the dedication and commitment from all of our staff.”

Amongst these, stand out performances worthy of recognition include:

  • Rachel Frazer (A*A*A*B) who is going to study biomedical science at the University of Warwick
  • Izabel Turiccki (A*A*A*AB) who is going to study mathematics at the Durham University
  • Georgie Reece-Minutolo (A*AA) who is going to study biomedical science at Oxford University
  • Cassie Down (Dist*A*A) who is going to study forensic psychology at Manchester Metropolitan University
  • Daniel Travers (A*AAA) who is going to study chemical engineering at Manchester University
  • Lucy Kirbyshire (A*AAA) who is going to study politics and international relations at Birmingham University

Chris Hill, CEO of the Nene Education Trust, commented “The achievements of this cohort of students are quite remarkable considering the disruption to education during the last two years. My thanks to all the staff at the for providing a positive environment for learning to flourish despite the challenges of the pandemic. The Sixth Form at Manor School is an exciting place to be.”

Prospective applicants to the Sixth From can still get in touch by contacting the school by emailing Mr Carter () at any time, or phoning the school on 01933 623921 from Thursday 2 September onwards.

For press enquiries please contact Lee Towers, Vice Principal via email .

Club offers youngsters a place to meet

Turning a negative into a positive, Manor Sports and Leisure in Raunds has set up a weekly Youth Club after listening to social media concerns that there was nothing for young people to do in the town.

Raunds Town Council has funded the purchase of equipment for the new Youth Club, which will take place at the MSL, Manor School, each Thursday evening throughout the year, and the organisers are hoping that as the club grows, experts on everything from learning to cook to mental health support will become involved.

Tom Hatton, Sports Centre Manager, explained that the idea was formed after listening to comments that youngsters in the town had nowhere to go and socialise, resulting in anti-social behaviour.

“You usually find that young adults only become an issue if they’re bored and have nowhere to go to meet with their friends,” he said. “We heard those comments and we listened and now we’re running the Youth Club once a week, to hopefully provide a place for young people to meet their friends and have a space they can feel comfortable in.”

The sessions are from 5pm to 7pm for 11 to 14-year-olds and then from 7pm to 9pm for 14 through to 18-year-olds, and are open to all young people, regardless of whether they attend Manor School or not. The grant from Raunds Town Council has been used to provide, among other things, a pool table and games consoles, while the sports facilities are available for other activities. It is hoped that a boxing club will be up and running by the end of this year.

Tom added: “To begin with, we just want to get young people interested in coming along, and as time goes on we will be inviting people like PCSOs and the local food bank organisers in to talk about their work, and maybe someone to do basic cookery lessons.

“As we get established, we want to invite other professionals, who can be available to discuss health issues, mental health issues, financial issues - any problems that affect young adults - but things they might not know how or where to get help with. We want to keep it relaxed and fun, with something for everyone, but at the same time just let young people know there’s somewhere to turn if they want to talk about anything.

“Most importantly of all, we’ll be looking to the young adults coming to the club to give us their ideas. We want them to take ownership and tell us what they want, and we’ll work from there.”

Find out more about the Youth Club on their Facebook page, visiting the Manor School website or by emailing

Trust’s range widens as exceptional school comes on board

The new academic year will see further growth of the Nene Education Trust when it welcomes Redwell Primary School and its training operation, 5 Wells Development Centre, into the fold.

The Wellingborough school will become the eighth to join the multi-academy trust, and its involvement, combined with the work of its specialist education training and development centre, will further strengthen Nene Education Trust’s offering.

Redwell Primary School had been looking to become part an education trust for some time and the team there were impressed by the shared educational values and strong focus on curriculum at Nene Education Trust.

Headteacher Anne Ansell said: “We are very excited and proud to be joining Nene Education Trust. Consultations have been going on for some time and we have been impressed by the way they are strong as a trust but also allow schools autonomy when they are working successfully.

“Our shared approach of a strong curriculum while also being values led is important. The trust’s Work, World, Wellness curriculum principles are something that we can identify with.”

Redwell Primary School has a history as a teaching school, and set up the 5 Wells Development Centre to offer independent education-based training and development to teaching professionals across the county. Courses give school leaders confidence that they  and their teams are meeting all statutory requirements, while bespoke programmes can also be developed to meet the identified priorities and needs of a school.

Anne Ansell added: “We provide training to professionals from across the county and we feel that having a unique proposition like the Development Centre also puts Redwell Primary School into a strong position when it comes to recruitment of quality staff. The benefits of that will now extend to Nene Education Trust, offering increased recruitment and training benefits to the other schools.”

Redwell's Training RoomRedwell's Training Room

Redwell Primary School will officially become part of Nene Education Trust on August 1, in time to welcome pupils and staff back for the new academic year in September. The trust already comprises Windmill Primary Raunds, Stanwick Primary, Newton Road School Rushden, Raunds Park Infants, St Peter’s CE Junior, Woodford CE Primary and Manor School.

In preparation, Anne and her team have been working with Nene Education Trust CEO Chris Hill and Director of Primary Education Matt Coleman to ensure a smooth transition.

“Although we’ve not officially transitioned yet, Chris and Matt took care to make us feel included from the start, and ensured we understand how the trust operates so we can hit the ground running in August. From those early indications of how we are going to be treated, it’s already feeling extremely positive.”

Chris Hill added: “We are very excited that Redwell Primary School and 5 Wells Development Centre are to join us. It’s an exceptional school and our collaborative partnership will bring benefits to both sides in terms of shared values and the career opportunities it brings for all staff.

“But ultimately, it is about continuing to improve the education children get in our schools, and beyond. Having a Wellingborough school on board take us into a new area and represents our aim of serving the local community as best we can, because schools are not just about what goes on in the classroom, they’re there to play a bigger role in society as a whole.”

Find out more about Nene Education Trust at

Up for the cup - poetry competition is a success all round

It was time for rhyme when pupils from five primary schools within Nene Education Trust competed in the inaugural Chair’s Cup poetry competition.

Year 5 children from each school were invited to recite a poem – one of their favourites or one they’d written themselves – on their own or in groups, and winners were chosen from each of the schools, with Jenna Stone from Windmill Primary being named the overall winner.

The competition was launched by outgoing Nene Education Trust Chair Dudley Hughes, who is standing down from the position this summer.

Dudley said: “I love poetry and I wanted to make it something that the children would enjoy doing, and that would hopefully give them a love of poetry, too.

IMG 3050

“It was wonderful to hear the poems, even though some of the children were less confident and obviously found it difficult to stand up in front of the whole school, they all got up and did their very best.

“My wife, Sylvia Hughes, is Mayor of Raunds this year and we are both keen to see a greater connection between our schools and the wider community, and this is just a part of that, so she was with me on occasions to listen to the poems and help choose the winners.”

The winners were:

  • Windmill Primary School and Overall Winner: Jenna Stone
  • Newton Road School: Riley-James Melville and Bentley Venables
  • Stanwick Primary Academy: Heidi Edwards and Amelie Barnes
  • Woodford CE Primary: Nathan, Damian, Archie and Callum
  • St. Peter’s CE Junior: Amelia Clay and Emily-Grace Joyce

All children who took part were presented with a certificate to mark their achievement, while the Chair’s Cup trophy was presented to winner Jenna Stone, and a smaller trophy for each for the individual school winners.

Dudley Hughes added: “There are lots of very good things going on within Nene Education Trust and I wanted to create something that could carry on after I stand down from my position as Chair. Hopefully, the Chair’s Cup is now something that children will look forward to competing for every year.”

Education leader to help drive five-year plan

Reflecting its ongoing commitment to excellence, Nene Education Trust has brought one of the leading names in education in the UK on board to assess its policies, progress, and plans for the future.

From September, former National Schools Commissioner, Sir David Carter, will act as an adviser to Nene Education Trust. Sir David, who was knighted for services to education in 2013, will support the board of trustees as they move forward with a five-year strategic plan.

The multi-academy trust, which comprises eight schools in East Northamptonshire and Wellingborough, has ambitious plans to continue to grow, translating its combined expertise and efficiencies into the ability to improve its schools and its teaching provision.

CEO Chris Hill said: “Having someone like Sir David working with as a strategic consultant will be a fantastic opportunity. Within the trust we have an ethos of working with the best people and getting the best out of them, so why not go for one of the best education brains in the country. We’re ambitious for the future, and this is a statement of intent. We want the best advice we can get about how to turn our growth and financial efficiencies into improving our schools and the education we deliver.

“There’s more to education than simply delivering the curriculum and with both pupils and staff, if you get the ethos right, you get the best out of people. We spent a long time looking at other multi-academy trusts and seeing how they taken advantage of the opportunities to scale up and put vital money into improving their schools.

“All the indications are that we are doing things well, but education is about learning and we are learning all the time about what our priorities are and how we can scale up.”

Nene Education Trust became an eight-school multi-academy trust this summer when Redwell Primary School in Wellingborough joined Windmill Primary, Raunds; Stanwick Primary; Newton Road School, Rushden; Raunds Park Infants; St Peter’s CE Junior; Woodford CE Primary and Manor School.

In July, Chairman of the Trustees, Dudley Hughes, stepped down from his position, to be replaced by former Vice Chair, Tony Laughton. The trust’s five-year strategic plan focuses not just on school improvements and educational excellence but also on a broad range of expertise, such as mental health and wellbeing and pastoral care.

Sir David Carter said: “I am delighted to have had the opportunity to work with the leadership team and trustees at Nene Education Trust. This is a trust that is based on values that place the child at the heart of every decision.

“At a time when we have a national civic challenge to help children recover their learning after the pandemic, the strategy at Nene that looks at education and beyond to determine exactly what help children are going to need is visionary and to an extent unique.”

Find out more about Nene Education Trust on 01933 627081 or at