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Young Voices 2019 Concert

30 children from Windmill Primary School took part in the Young Voices 2019 Concert at Resorts Arena (formerly Genting Arena), Birmingham on 22nd January.

Over 25,000 children took part in the concert, over 4 days, performing a diverse range of music, including songs from Disney’s “Moana”; American folk songs; a “pop classics medley”; concluding the concert with a rousing selection from “The Greatest Showman”.

Mr. Bason, music teacher at Windmill Primary, writes: “The Young Voices concerts provide incredible opportunities for children to take part in stadium concerts. The creative team at YV put a lot of effort into arranging great “medleys” and solo items for the ‘choir’ to sing, and their choices EVERY year are a real hit with the children”.

This particular concert saw 6501 children singing as a choir, and also as ‘backing singers’ to the guests artistes: Tony Hadley (lead singer of Spandau Ballet), Sharlene Hector (international jazz vocalist) and 15-year old Beau Dermott (a ‘golden buzzer’ favourite from ‘Britain’s Got Talent 2016’) “There were moments where children didn’t need to sing, so listened attentively to the other musicians,” says Mr. Bason.
“The children from Windmill were transfixed with the entire performance, and showed great respect to the soloists by listening attentively, and resilience and unity – working well together and with the other schools to make some great music – all of which reflects our values at Windmill. What may appear to have been a ‘daunting’ experience (an arena concert) was, to be honest, like ‘water off a duck’s back’ for the Windmill singers. I am incredibly proud of them”.

Such values and experience is echoed by Libby, a Year 6 child, “This was an amazing experience. Children and staff working as one as we sang,” adding, “this was the best opportunity of my life!” Sarlotte, also in Year 6 adds “The lighting was beautiful and the voices were amazing and bright. I loved it so much!”

Matthew Bason, Music Teacher, Windmill Primary

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