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Kindness Week & World Book Day at Stanwick

Stanwick Academy took part in a kindness week where they had daily focusses on spreading kind words between the children in the school, as well as the wider community. The children wrote letters to each other to highlight the brilliant attributes each child gives to the school, whilst the Reception children made their way round the village spreading kind words to those they met along the way.

As the week progressed, the children added kind comments to each other’s envelopes. This experience highlighted the brilliant attitudes that the children have and boosted the amount of kind words and feelings shared throughout the school.

World Book Day

For World Book Day this year, Stanwick Primary took the opportunity to work across the school to develop and share their love of reading with each other. The day started with a book breakfast where the children took their favourite books to share with others on their table over breakfast. The children paired together across the school and read with their buddy in a different key stage.

The day followed with some creative writing and reading activities, using a range of different skills. Across the afternoon, each class prepared a presentation with activities from readings to drama performances to deliver their information to the rest of the school. A range of skills were developed across the day and some amazing work produced. The children had a fantastic day working with different children across the school and sharing their love for reading.

Stanwick Academy were also lucky enough to have some book vouchers donated by Taylor Whimpey to purchase some new books for the classes to indulge in a new story or two!


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