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Curriculum Day Talks, Workshops And Games

Manor School ssudents were out of lessons on Friday 8 March for the second Curriculum Day of this academic year. The day saw each year group participate in a variety of talks, workshops and games related to a specific branch of Manor’s WORK.WORLD.WELLNESS. curriculum programme.

Year 7 – Work – STEM

STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Maths) is one of our core areas of focus, and so our Year 7 students spent the day participating in activities relating to its component subjects. In their science session students were tasked with creating a model parachute, which they then put to the test to see who had produced the most effective design. There was a further construction challenge over in technology where they looked at vehicle aerodynamics and had to make a model streamlined car. The maths session saw students making more models, but this time they needed to use their net skills in order to reconstruct the Great Wall of China.

Year 8 – Work – Enterprise

Manor School regularly works with the charity Young Enterprise, and for this event we invited them in to deliver their Learn to Earn programme to our Year 8 students. Over the duration of the workshop students explored their hopes for the future, potential career options and progression routes into apprenticeships and training courses. Students also participated in a condensed version of the charity’s Launch Pad programme, working in teams on the early stages of launching a fledgling business which included creating financial and marketing plans. Other activities for the day included the Path to Success board game and an interview matchmaker challenge, both of which expanded on the wide range of factors involved in job hunting.

Year 9 – Work – World of Work

Our Year 9 students spent the day learning all about the working world, starting off with an introductory presentation from the school’s careers advisor. Each student then attended three careers workshops that they had selected from a list of twelve different areas – health & medical, transport & logistics, apprenticeships, childcare, police, Royal Navy, science, STEM, British Army, fire brigade, construction, and self-employment & enterprise. For the afternoon session students played the Real Game which saw them being allocated a job role, learning about a typical day in their given job and the educational achievement necessary to reach that position. Accommodation and transport choices along with leisure activities were also explored to give students a well-rounded view of life as an adult.

Year 10 – Wellness – Healthy Lifestyles

Year 10 were involved in a variety of activities throughout the day that promoted healthy lifestyles. They began with listening to a presentation delivered by Northamptonshire County Council’s online safety advisor on the topic of online wellbeing. Students then broke off into groups for the day, with sessions including a first aid workshop led by the British Red Cross and GCSE PE/BTEC Sport practical activities. The school also welcomed Commonwealth champion Leon Baptiste as a special guest, who worked with students on physical games to get them prepared for their sponsored fitness circuit challenge as part of the Sports For Champions programme.

Year 11 – Wellness – Ace Your Exams

With the start of the summer exams only two months away, there were numerous workshops for our Year 11 students to help them prepare for their final assessments. Study skills experts Elevate Education were on hand to pass on revision tips and advice, with students working through an informative booklet including an exam checklist and planner to enhance their time management skills. There was also a mindfulness workshop delivered by Amy Bradshaw from Stanwick Primary which looked at methods to combat stress and ways to keep on top of their mental health. Finally a representative from the charity Scope talked to students about the importance of sleep, a factor that can have a significant impact on exam performance.

Years 12 & 13 – World – Citizenship

Our Key Stage 5 students spent the morning receiving first aid training from the British Red Cross and discussing gang violence and knife crime with a local PCSO. Their next session saw them working in teams to plan and pitch an idea for the school community to tackle a specific environmental issue. Areas considered included plastic waste management, recycling initiatives and reducing the school’s carbon footprint. For the afternoon students divided into groups to attend various talks on apprenticeships, applying to university and exam preparation.