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Local Advisory Boards


The Members are best viewed as guardians of the constitution, changing the Articles if necessary and ensuring the charitable objects are fulfilled. The Members appoint some of the Trustees and can exercise powers to appoint and remove Trustees. The Academy Trust will ordinarily have five Members.

Trust Governance

The Trustees, who sit on the Trust Board, have overall responsibility and ultimate decision-making authority for all the work of the Academy Trust, including the establishment and maintenance of the Academies.

The Trust Articles of Association set out the charitable objects of NET along with its governance composition and overarching procedures. They are on the Trust website.


The Trust Board delegates authority and responsibility for a range of duties to the following in order to ensure effective leadership and governance of the Trust:

  • Executive Team
  • Finance and Resources Committee
  • Audit and Risk Committee
  • H R Committee
  • Educational Standards Committee
  • Local Advisory Bodies
  • Principals

The details of who is responsible for different levels of decision are presented in the Trust Scheme of Delegation which can be accessed from The Trust and academy websites.

Nene Education Trust Trustees


Lance Jones (Chair)
Peter Cantley (Peterborough Diocese Church Schools Trust)
Pat Worden
Matthew Horn
Anthony Laughton


Mr Chris Hill


Anthony Laughton (Chair)
Mike Busby (Vice Chair of Trust Board)
Stephen Atkins (Peterborough Diocese Church Schools Trust)
Nathanael Bonser-Ward
Khadeem Duncan-Banerjee
Russell Hargrave
Chris Hill
Emma Nuttall
Melanie Spinks-Wilson
Ron Whittaker (Peterborough Diocese Church Schools Trust)
Nina Wilson